About Us


Hello this is Megan, Cortney, Tatum, and Candace (pictured here with our mom and dad whom, bless his heart has funded more shopping trips than he cares to remember, and a mom that can out shop us any day.)

We are wives, mothers, aunties, and of course, sisters. Between us we have roughly 10 kids. By day we are a nurse/fitness coach, a dental hygenist/foodie, a lawyer/rancher and a writer/waffle addict.  By the other part of the day we run this clothing boutique... well, Megan and Tatum run the boutique while Cortney and Candace are more consultants at this point.

We are extremely close sisters and we've been shopping and fighting over clothes since birth, so the clothing boutique seemed like a natural next step.

One of our frustrations about online shopping is not getting accurate info about the products we are trying to buy.  We strive to give honest reviews and as many details as possible about the items we sell.  We try to do this with a dose of humor, maybe some movie quotes but always our true selves.

We're so glad you're here, Sis!